The U Too Bar is a relaxed hassle-free bar located at the Drinking Street bar complex on Second Road, Pattaya.

girls from the U Too Bar in PattayaWe have deliberately adopted a softly-softly policy so that customers can enjoy their evening without being pressured. Naturally, we do have a selection of hostesses who will be happy to help you enjoy your evening, but we are proud of our hassle-free approach and the professional attitude of our staff. If you do notice a hostess you like, please don’t be shy as they will be happy to take care of you. Please note that we have a team of polite dedicated service staff (white name tags) who are there to provide a quality customer service and therefore cannot leave the bar at any time. If you are not familiar with our policies and would like to know more, please ask a member of the management team (who are on hand every evening in the bar) and they will be more than happy to assist.

Please join us for a drink or a game of pool. We attract a wide cross-section of customers including couples and group parties who all come to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at the U Too Bar. Don’t worry if you are by yourself because our trained staff will make you feel welcome. Play one of our girls at pool or just simply sit back in comfort with a cold drink and watch our hot ladies shaking their stuff! Happy days.

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